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Latest news from dan pearlman: Togo’s New Home at Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo, Sustainable Buildings and the Future of the Shopping Centre

Togo’s New Home

Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo has announced that the new home for Togo the bull giraffe will be ready for him to move in by summer 2013, following an official ceremony held at the zoo for the giraffe exhibit house in May.

The brainchild of architects dan pearlman, the concept theme, “Dynamical Grace”, recreates the feel of African wildlife and slots perfectly into the Hellabrunn landscape, leaving the old growth trees in the Isar nature reserve completely intact. The new building is constructed from natural larch and features large glass surfaces and a transparent roof.

The giraffe house uses geothermal energy as renewal energy and a ground water heating pump covers 100% of annual heating costs and saves on the primary energy consumption of non-renewable energies. Further to this, heat-insulation concepts used in the construction of the building have exceeded 50% of Germany’s 2009 mandated energy conservation requirements, making the giraffe house completely sustainable.

The ETFE membrane roof provides natural light and natural ventilation means that, in the summer months, additional cooling methods such as air conditioning are not necessary. The architecture team at dan pearlman won out over four other design companies in a Germany-wide competition to find the best design team suited to the project.

A Sustainable Building Coordinator

munich zoo giraffes

The Head of Experience Architecture at dan pearlman, Bernd Blome, will continue to be an advocate for sustainable building practices in the years ahead and not just at Munich Zoo. In March 2012, Blome, a seasoned and experience architect, successfully completed a certification program for “Coordinator for Sustainable Building (BNB)” of the Berlin Chamber of Architects (Architektenkammer Berlin) in association with the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

Blome sees a lot of potential for energy-efficient in the years to come, in zoos and other establishments where the preservation of species and habitats go naturally hand-in-hand with sustainability.

A Talk on the Future of the Shopping Centre

A recent collaboration between dan pearlman strategists and shopping centre operator mfi management  für immobilien AG, resulted in a video showcasing shopping pair Julie and Ben, which was produced and premiered at the Retail Real Estate summit.

The theme “Retail Innovations in Shopping Centres” was followed up by a presentation by Nicole Srock.Stanley, CEO dan pearlman, and Martina Fecke, Director of Retail at mfi, when they talked about “the megatrends of digitalization, gamification, ecological and social sustainability, as well as essential experience.”

For more information, follow dan pearlman on Facebook, where the promotional video will soon become available.

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