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PGAV Destinations Insight Report: The Value of Membership

PGAV Destinations Vlue of Membership report

PGAV Destinations, a global leader in the planning and design of unique destinations, has published the latest edition of their quarterly Destinology research series – The Value of Membership: Insights into Members and Season Pass Holders.

Why Do Guests Become Members and Season Pass Holders?

Conducted in partnership with H2R Market Research, the study surveyed members, nonmembers, visitors, and non-visitors of American destinations about their perception and utilization of memberships and season passes.

“82% of American households visited an attraction in 2015, and 37% of those guests had memberships or season passes to those destinations, ” says Mike Konzen, principal and chair of PGAV Destinations. “As members are an essential market segment, a key revenue driver, and considered devout supporters, we knew they would be a fascinating and illuminating demographic group to study.”

The Value of Membership features an insightful interview with Ann Hobing, Senior Director of Business Growth at Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC). This destination is currently experiencing an intriguing membership challenge because a majority of the facility is closed for two years as it undergoes renovations and remodeling. “Today, I cannot emphasize PGAV Destinations Insight report into the value of membershipenough that [membership] means curating a guest-centric practice philosophy, putting guests first and listening critically to all of their feedback and concerns, ” says Hobing. “It’s that honesty and authenticity that really empowers our ability to enrich the guest experience and retain members.”

PGAV Destinations Shares Insights and National Trends in Destinology

The Destinology report explores the demographic make-up of members and season pass holders across the country, breaking down the results by generation, family composition, income, proximity to attractions, and more. It also investigates the “journey” for destination guests to become members, including how long it takes them to consider purchasing the membership or season pass and what are some of the key influencers in making that decision.

This issue of Destinology reveals reasons why people choose not to purchase season passes and memberships, and what destination managers can do to help mitigate their concerns. Another focus section highlights key demographics and behavior trends of members at specific types of destinations, including zoos and aquariums, theme parks and water parks, and museums.

The Value of Membership can be read in full at the following link, and interested readers can subscribe for hard copies of this issue of Destinology, as well as other informative PGAV Destinations’ national research studies here.


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