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Racing launch coaster set for Six Flags Magic Mountain

six flags racing launch

Six Flags Magic Mountain has today announced West Coast Racers, a racing launch coaster that will open in 2019. 

The racing coaster will have two side-by-side tracks. There will be four individual high-speed launches. It will also feature airtime hills, high-banked turns and over/under near misses.

There is a real time “pit stop” that will immerse riders into the racing experience: it is designed and produced by world famous West Coast Customs.

During the “pit stop”, guests will hear narration by West Coast Customs Founder and CEO, Ryan Friedlinghaus. Riders will also get an exclusive inside look into the West Coast Customs shop.

“Outside of the box”

Park president, Neal Thurman, said: “Six Flags leads the industry in thrill ride innovation; it is part of our DNA, and we are taking thrills to the next level with the new West Coast Racers. Six Flags Magic Mountain is the undisputed ‘Thrill Capital of the World’ and with this newest coaster, strengthens our position as the ‘Coaster Capital of the World’ with a total of 20 roller coasters — more than any other theme park on the planet.”

Ryan Friedlinghaus, founder and CEO West Coast Customs, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Six Flags Magic Mountain to create this unprecedented new rid. Throughout my career, I have always thought outside of the box and I love being challenged to build things others can’t. Talk about the ultimate outside of the box challenge — a West Coast Customs-style roller coaster!”  ​

The new ride will be located in a new LA centric urban-themed area.

Six Flags Entertainment achieved record revenues of $129m for the first quarter of 2018, an increase of $29m or 30% on the same period the previous year.

The revenue growth was attributed to a 27% increase in visitors to Six Flags parks, as well as the success of the operator’s pricing strategy and international licensing programme.

Six Flags is developing three new parks in China. The operator has again partnered real estate firm Riverside Investment Group to build a new theme park, water park and adventure park in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province.

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