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Rhode Island Novelty launch Sequinimals soft plush range

Rhode Island Novelty Sequinimals

Rhode Island Novelty have launched a new soft stuffed plush range – Sequinimals.

Sequinimals are a unique soft stuffed plush with color changing flip sequin features.   Flip sequins are unique because they create an appealing way for people to change the color of the object by simply running their hand over the sequins, causing them to flip over and expose a different color.

The range of 36 animals range in style and size and include snakes, fish, crabs, dolphins, geckos, sharks, lobsters, seals, sting rays, turtles, giraffes, lady bugs, monkeys, penguins, chameleons, alligators, dinosaurs, sea horses, elephants, butterflies, and hedgehogs.

Rhode Island Novelty launch Sequinimals soft plush range


Rhode Island Novelty created and trademarked the name Sequinimals, and the animals are designed in house.

The attractive new range has already proved popular with zoos, aquariums, theme parks and FEC (Family Entertainment Centres) worldwide.

Rhode Island Novelty is the US’s leading designer, importer, and wholesale distributor of amusement toys, novelties, giftware, and incentive merchandise.  The company has been serving the redemption, gift shop, and entertainment industry for over 30 years.

Rhode Island Novelty designs, sources and distributes over 15,000 items, adding 100 new items a month to their range.

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