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Roarr! reveals appointments as part of long-term growth strategy

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure has announced a series of appointments and promotions as part of the attraction’s long-term growth strategy.

roarr dinosaur adventure

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, a family-owned adventure park in Lenwade, Norfolk, has appointed a new marketing and communications manager. It has also made some senior promotions within its current team.

The appointments and promotions are part of Roarr!’s long-term growth strategy, which involve expanding the prehistoric-themed attraction to include an 11-metre volcano and outdoor rides.

Adam Goymour, former park manager, has been promoted to park director. His role will focus on strategy, guest experience, team expansion and creating growth.

“Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is entering an exciting phase and we’ve set our sights on some significant growth over the coming years, so it’s essential to have the right people in place to make the vision a reality,” Goymour said.

Adam Goymour promoted to Roarr! park director

roarr dinosaur adventure

“With the updates to the senior leadership team, alongside Katie’s strategic role in marketing and communications, I believe we have the perfect combination of skills in place to take us into an exciting new period of growth.”

Ben Francis, previously events manager, has been promoted to park manager. He plans to deliver an unrivalled guest experience across the Norfolk destination and develop new attractions.

In his role, Francis will create and deliver the key calendar events throughout the year, including Dippy’s Halloween Days, PrimEVIL and Dippy’s Christmas Celebration.

“I’m most looking forward to enhancing the visitor experience and bringing adventure and fun to our guests and crew members,” Francis said.

In addition, Katie Stoner has been appointed as Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure’s new marketing and communications manager, bringing 15 years’ experience to her role.

Katie Stoner is marketing and comms manager

roarr dinosaur

Stoner specialises in brand development, social media and digital marketing. She will lead the park’s marketing strategy and work alongside the senior leadership team to develop Roarr!’s reputation and reach.

Stoner said there are “mammoth opportunities to reach audiences of all ages, across many channels”, adding that “it’s an exciting time to join the park, as we look to further cement its reputation”.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is an 85-acre park with attractions including animatronic dinosaurs, Dippy’s Splash Zone, Secret Animal Garden, Dinosaur Trail and Dippy’s Theatre., a leading creator of mobile visitor apps, previously joined forces with Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure on a new visitor app to improve the guest experience.

Images: Roarr!

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