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Roarr! public consultation to reveal expansion plans

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure has launched a public consultation to reveal more about its expansion plans, which include an 11-metre volcano.

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Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is a family-owned adventure park in Lenwade, Norfolk. Alongside Chaplin Farrant Architects, Roarr! is putting on a public consultation event on June 23 and 24.

The dinosaur park’s public consultation event, which runs between 4pm and 8pm on June 23 and 24, will showcase initial plans and obtain local opinions. The presentation boards can be viewed online.

Roarr!’s plans involve creating a new themed are within the existing 85-acre site. The attraction proposes expanding into the deer safari space, where it will invest in dino-themed attractions including an 11-metre volcano and outdoor rides.

“As a team we are incredibly excited about these plans, which are in the very early stages, and which will be our most significant investment to date,” said Adam Goymour, park director (via Eastern Daily Press).

“The two events we are holding at the park next week will aim to give more information, and we’ll have our development team on hand to listen to what people have to say and answer any questions they may have,” Goymour added.

Roarr! adding huge volcano and rides

roarr dinosaur adventure

Goymour also said Roarr! is “constantly striving to make this the UK’s and Norfolk’s best-loved dinosaur-themed attraction” by “making constant improvements and innovations to our business”., a leading creator of mobile visitor apps, previously joined forces with Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure on a new visitor app to improve the guest experience.

After the public consultation, an application will be submitted to the council. An outcome is expected in April 2022, and the expansion is currently scheduled to open in 2023.

Roarr! said the number of visitors to the park could potentially increase from 300,000 annually to 500,000 every year. The park’s website will be updated to include the project’s progress.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure launched an interactive attraction called Dippy’s Theatre on May 29,  where Dippy the dinosaur stars in live stage shows and interactive performances.

Images: Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

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