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SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment Launches SkyRide Flight Simulator Attraction


SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment have launched their latest simulated flight attraction – SkyRide.

A combination of superior electric motion platform capabilities with laser projection and an extensive film library provide audiences with a fully immersive flying experience. 

SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment Launches SkyRide Flight Simulator Attraction

The SkyRide flight system allows each rider an unrestricted view of the panoramic large format curved screen, and the unique SkyRide motion system brings amazing reality to the flying experience.  3 Degrees of Freedom, electric actuators, in-seat stereo speakers, scent, neck air blasts, water squirts and spray and hi- intensity seat bass shakers maximise audience engagement.

SimEx-Iwerks’ film library includes Happy Feet, Rio, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Great Jelly Rescue, Dora & Diego, Yogi Bear and BBC Earth: Coastal Predators as well as custom films produced for special venues.  

SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment Launches SkyRide Flight Simulator Attraction

SimEx-Iwerks specializes in designing and building Specialty Film Experiences that are located in over 200 major Destinations worldwide, featuring blockbuster cinematic content from the world’s major studios.  In 1984 SimEx-Iwerks created the industry’s first travelogue type simulated flight experience, “Tour of the Universe”, at the CN Tower in Toronto, following this with the SkyRide at the Empire State Building.  Many similar travel experiences using SimEx 4D Theater flight simulator technology are currently being installed.

The new SkyRide from SimEx-Iwerks provides the next generation of simulator attraction equipment.


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