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Super 78 Launches Forbidden Caves Complete 4D Attraction Package


Creative and technical hothouse, Super 78 Studios, has created a complete Immersion Tunnel attraction package for theme-parks.

The Forbidden Caves, a small-footprint media-based 4D experience can be adapted to virtually any location and has already been successfully installed at Belgium’s Bobbejaanland theme park.

Described as a ‘very budget-and-schedule-friendly world-class solution’, the “E-ticket” level creative and media package is available now to Asia, America and parts of Europe.

Concept Art Forbidden Caves by Super 78 Studios

LA-based Super 78 are no strangers to the creation of Immersion Tunnel rides. The company’s Brent Young served as Creative Director for “The Lost Temple, ” the world’s first Immersion Tunnel ride, which earned a VES nomination for “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project.”

Immersion tunnels carry guests in tram-like vehicles into a 180° wraparound-screen show building where the on-screen action is brought to life by the synchronised pitch, roll and heave of the ride’s motion base platform.

The Forbidden Caves is billed as a ‘heart-pounding trip through a supernatural subterranean world’ where a would-be explorer disturbs ‘long-dormant forces’ in his hunt for a mythical grotto. Guests hurtle through dark tunnels, abandoned mine shafts, and lava-filled caverns in a race to escape from animated stone snakes, warriors and giant insects.

Snakes in Forbidden Caves Super 78 Studios Attraction Package

Super 78’s package includes the designs for a multi-section queue experience with several themed environments and two “mini-attractions.” The queue sections include an abandoned mine entrance; a hazardous plunge in a wooden elevator and a mysterious chamber filled with ancient stone carvings – where a special-effects-filled preshow takes place. A rocky grotto is used as the cave tour’s jeep boarding station.

The Forbidden Caves package is available now.

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