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Thailand’s First Globally Branded Themed Waterpark – Cartoon Network AMAZONE


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) have joined forces to welcome the region’s first ever globally branded themed waterpark, Cartoon Network AMAZONE, which is currently being built at Bang Saray, near Pattaya.

The new water attraction is due to open its doors to the public in 2013 and is garnering support from even the highest levels of government. At an event held this week, government officials showed their support for the new venture: “We share the joy of all Thai people that this wonderful new amazone cartoon network themed waterpark ben ten polinproject will not only be a world first for Thailand but it will also provide a new adventure for tourists, both Thai and from overseas, ” said Thailand’s Minister of Industry M.R. Pongsawat Sawasdiwat.

“Cartoon Network AMAZONE further reinforces Thailand’s position as the leading tourism destination in the region. It will also be an inspiration for other far-sighted investors to bring similar new projects to our shores, in line with government’s policy to promote tourism, ” he added.

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Ms. Varaporn Choeysa-ard, Executive Director, Investment Services Center, BOI went on to explain that Cartoon Network AMAZONE represented “an enormous opportunity for Thailand” to become a world leader in tourism product and infrastructure. She went on to say that the new waterpark will create hundreds of new jobs and will further cement the country’s standing as a tourism investment destination.

TAT’s Eastern Region President Mr. Borisut Prasopzup said that not only will Cartoon Network AMAZONE become “an instant magnet for international tourists”, but it will also offer a unique new opportunity for domestic visitors to enjoy a new and different destination.

Thailand expects to see over 20 million foreign visitors this season and it’s thought that the opening of Cartoon Network AMAZONE will further promote the country to international visitors.

“We will offer our full support to the developers and to Cartoon Network to help with marketing the new themed waterpark and ensure that all of the key target audiences are aware of this excellent new opportunity, ” Prasopzup went on to say.

The new waterpark has a theme which is inspired by the Amazon Rainforest and features some of the world’s most popular animated series and characters such as Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and The Amazing World of Gumball. sunny saha cartoon network amazone themed waterpark polin thailand

Guests will have the opportunity to ride on exciting new signature rides, including a giant wave pool suitable for families, a twisting adventure river, speed-racing slides, family raft rides and one of the world’s biggest waterplay fortresses for younger visitors.

Sunny Saha (right), Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Entertainment Networks, Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific said: “We are extremely grateful to the people and government of Thailand for the tremendous support of this waterpark project. Thailand, as a world-class tourism destination, shares many of the same attributes as Cartoon Network.”

Proud to have Thailand as the spectacular background for Cartoon Network AMAZONE

liakat sultan dhanji waterpark thailand cartoon network amazone themed polin“We both celebrate friendship and family, and both inspire fun and adventure with unique and entertaining experiences. We are very proud to have Thailand as the spectacular background for Cartoon Network AMAZONE.”

Development of the new waterpark is being carried out by Thai attractions developer Amazon Falls Co., Ltd.

Mr. Liakat Dhanji (left), CEO of Amazon Falls Co. Ltd, said, “We are thrilled to have received the unparalleled support of both BOI and TAT and believe their confidence in our project will help to ensure it is a success. Thailand is one of the world’s most compelling tourism destinations and the addition of this new type of resort destination will add a new dimension to the country’s already formidable tourism product offering.”

The first phase of the development involves an investment of more than one million baht and construction is taking place on 14 acres of land on the coastal plain at Bang Saray, an already popular destination for local and international tourists alike.

Cartoon Network AMAZONE hopes to welcome more than 800, 000 guests in the first year of operation and is a part of the renewed drive to make the Chonburi Province Thailand’s leading tourist destination after Bangkok.

aquaplay waterpark thailand cartoon network amazone themed

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