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TRIOTECH’s Latest Interactive Dark Ride Opens at Knott’s Berry Farm, California


Leading media-based interactive attractions specialist, TRIOTECH, has announced the launch of their new Interactive Dark Ride Voyage to the Iron Reef™ at Knott’s Berry Farm in California.

The Steampunk-inspired ride takes guests, armed with interactive freeze ray devices, through eleven scenes featuring hundreds of creatures and other special effects. The object of the adventure is to defeat the Kraken Queen and her scavenging minions and save Knott’s from destruction.

TRIOTECH's Latest Interactive Dark Ride Opens at Knott’s Berry Farm,  California TRIOTECH has used both projection and interactive gaming systems to create a 3D experience with 4D effects that responds to the accuracy and actions of the guests on board.

“Los Angeles is one of the epicentres of entertainment, therefore it is quite an accomplishment for TRIOTECH to launch a major attraction here”, commented Ernest Yale, TRIOTECH’s President and CEO. “Voyage to the Iron Reef keeps pushing the bar for Interactive Dark Rides especially with regards to interactivity, immersion and projection quality”.

“Voyage to the Iron Reef is an incredible and innovative attraction that Knott’s Berry Farm’s guests will want to ride over and over, ” observed Raffi Kaprelyan, Vice President & General Manager of Knott’s Berry Farm. “Our collaboration with TRIOTECH resulted in a visually stunning and highly interactive ride that’s unlike anything else in the park.”

TRIOTECH has installations in 40 countries worldwide and estimates that over 13 million people will experience at least one of their rides this year. The company has just installed its award winning Interactive Dark Ride technology at Hello Kitty Park in Shanghai, China and at FunLab in Istanbul, Turkey. It is also involved with several other high-profile projects in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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