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JoraVision Creates Themed Bamses World at Kolmården Wildlife Park, Sweden

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Creators of themed experiences, JoraVision, has brought the world of Sweden’s iconic bear character, Bamse, to life at Kolmården Wildlife Park. They have created Bamses world.

To immerse themselves in the bear’s story, the design team at Dutch company, JoraVision, read countless Swedish comics, talked to the IP-owners and the makers of the Bamse movie and channeled the Bamse spirit by putting the Bamse tune on repeat in Rijnsburg. “We ‘Bamsefied’ ourselves completely, ” jokes Creative Director, Sjors van Roosmalen.

JoraVision Creates Themed 'Bamses World' at Kolmården Wildlife Park, SwedenBamses Vārld, created in close collaboration with Kolmården, took 2 years to complete and occupies around 22.000sqm. The fully themed attraction features rides, a theatre with a Bamse show, a restaurant, a water play area and shops.

“Our goal was to immerse visitors into the world of Bamse, Bamses world, and his friends as soon as they pass through the tree trunk shaped entrance to the wooded area. We succeeded and are very proud of the result!” says van Roosmalen.

Bamses world – Through the Three Trunk

Sister companies, Jora Entertainment and Jora Graphics, advised on lighting and produced the print work, including signage and custom-designed wallpaper for the sweet shop. Despite Bamses Vārld’s location within an animal park, there are no live animals.

“The lines between theme parks and animal parks are fading away, ” says Jan Maarten de Raad, CEO of Jora Vision. “Visitors are no longer happy just ‘looking at animals’. Nowadays theming and storytelling play an important part when looking to meet visitors’ high expectations.”

JoraVision Creates Themed 'Bamse World' at Kolmården Wildlife Park, Sweden

The company is currently building themed elements at the Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen, in The Netherlands. The zoo is slated to open in 2016.

“Together we’ve looked for ways to offer future visitors unique experiences, ” reports de Raad.

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