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€100m Ferrari Land at PortAventura to Feature Europe’s Highest Vertical Accelerator


PortAventura Resort is investing in the region of €100 million on Ferrari Land, a brand new theme-park dedicated to the world of the iconic Italian racing brand.

The addition of a third theme-park makes the resort unique in Europe and reflects the company's commitment to creating a world-class destination. The new attraction will cover an area of 75, 000m2 and is set to include family-oriented offerings and a variety of adrenalin-fuelled Formula 1 inspired experiences.

Ferrari Land is, according to Port Aventura, the single most important project in the resort’s history and by far their largest investment to date on a single project. Over 50 companies will be involved and, once opened, the new attraction is predicted to create up to 150 jobs both directly and indirectly.

The key destination for F1 fans will be the 112 metres-high vertical accelerator. Designed to replicate the sensation of driving a F1 car, the ride will accelerate to 180 km/h in just 5 seconds, equivalent to 1.35 G. Visitors will be propelled vertically upwards to 112 metres before plummeting straight down at a maximum angle of 90 degrees. This new coaster, built by Intamin, will be the highest in Europe, beating the resort’s record-breaking Shambhala by 36 metres.

€100m Ferrari Land at PortAventura to Feature Europe’s Highest Vertical Accelerator

The resort has a history of creating world-beating rides: in 1995 it opened Dragon Khan, the rollercoaster with the highest number of loops in the world (8). In 2007, it launched the fastest attraction in the world, Furius Baco. Shambala, the highest rollercoaster in Europe, opened in 2012 and the following year saw the opening of King Khajuna at Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, the highest free fall slide in Europe.

Sergio Feder, PortAventura Executive Chairman, reports, “We are very proud to be collaborating with an iconic brand like Ferrari that enjoys huge prestige across the planet and to be developing Ferrari Land Park together, exclusively for the whole of Europe.”

Thematically, PortAvenura Resort is “a journey around the world”. Separate areas reflect the Mediterranean, the Polynesia of explorers like Captain Cook, imperial China, the Mexico of the Mayans, the Wild West, and the local area of SésamoAventura.

The challenge for the development team was to ensure that Ferrari World worked within this framework while still being true to the spirit of the Ferrari brand. The link between the two is Italy, home of Ferrari and a popular destination with a world cultural heritage. So, while the new attraction will have plenty to keep F1 fans happy, visitors will also be immersed in a more traditional Italy as they learn about the early days of the founder of the brand, Enzo Ferrari. There will be iconic buildings from Maranello, the town where Ferrari has its headquarters as well as architectural references to great Italian monuments.

€100m Ferrari Land at PortAventura to Feature Europe’s Highest Vertical Accelerator

The resort, which has been operational for twenty years, receives around 4 million visitors annually, half of which come from overseas. With Ferrari Land in place in 2017, this figure is predicted to rise to over 5 million with 1 million overnight stays. In preparation, the resort has undertaken a €10m upgrade of their accommodation including the conversion of The Lucy Mansion into the resort’s first 5-star hotel plus the extension of the 4-star Hotel Gold River, with the addition of the new Callaghan Building. Together, they offer 2, 100 rooms.

Feder commented: “From the outset, we have been clear about our intention to develop a long-term plan based on world-class international brands, with the aim of boosting the number of visitors and making PortAventura the best resort destination in Europe.”

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