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New WhiteWater play survey reveals the customers parks should really be targeting

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A new report commissioned by waterparks and attractions company, WhiteWater, has revealed key insights into the way people play and who the industry should really be targeting.

The WhiteWater survey collected data from over 1,100 adults from across the US and China. Respondents were comprised of consumers, as well as people from within the attractions industry.

The findings reveal that when it comes to the way people approach play, they generally fall into one of four categories: Adventurers, Socialisers, Dreamers, and Challengers.

  • Adventurers enjoy “discovery” play and exploring new experiences
  • Socialisers are most engaged in play involving others
  • Dreamers are fuelled by imaginative experiences
  • Challengers are daredevils that love speed, heights, and pushing boundaries

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Whitewater survey: ‘Adventurers’ are the most common play type

The findings reveal that Adventurers are by far the most common play type. They outnumbered the other three play types both in the industry sample and consumer sample. Challengers are the least common across the industry and the general population. The industry results reflect the dominance of Adventurers and Dreamers. WhiteWater views this as a reflection of the creative side of the industry that combines a passion to create with a love of adventure.

Cultural trends also had an effect on the results. When it comes to choosing toys, the US respondents appear to be more interested in social activities such as board games. The Chinese, on the other hand, demonstrate a preference for futuristic adventure games. While on the leisure activity front, more than half the respondents in China opted for ‘discovering the side streets of a city’ while in the US, ‘seeing friends’ emerged as most popular.

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The WhiteWater survey clearly provides useful insights, helping the industry to focus on rides and attractions that reflect the way people play. For instance, does a park have enough rides that cater to the all-important Adventurers? And, how does an attraction still appeal to Dreamers, Challengers, and Socialisers who may not be as dominant but are still an important part of the mix?

Discover more about the WhiteWater Play Report, tips on bringing play to life in parks, a play evaluation tool, and insights into the way people play. Contact Global Marketing Director, Una deBoer or register here.

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