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Preview of Floriade 2012: World Horticultural Expo


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By Walter Jonker

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There is still a lot of work to be done before the official opening by the queen on April 4. General manager Paul Beck is confident that everything will be ready before this date.
Floriade 2012 Dutch horticultural expo earth statue of a manWith the 2 million visitors the operation will work cost neutral. The total budget for realizing the park was 25 million Euro. The Floriade 2012 Expo is a mixture of a leisure park and Horticultural exhibition.

The building ‘Innovatoren’ will be the meeting place for the international horticultural business.

The National Trade Organisation for Horticulture wants to get the guests of the park acquainted with the origin of their food and other products that are provided by horticulture.
Floriade 2012 Dutch Horticultural ExpoThere are several leisure activities in the park aimed at introducing young and old into the World of Horticulture. For children there is a lot to do in several workshops and games at the park.

The park offers a real learning experience about healthy living, sustainability and green innovation. The shows and exhibitions are almost too much to visit all in one day.
Since Venlo is very close to Germany, the organization expect that 40% of the visitors will come from the region Nordrhein Westfalen; another 40% will be Dutch. And since there is a lot of international media attention, so the rest of the visitors will come from all over the world.

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