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The Absolute Best Time to go to Cedar Point


I LOVE Cedar Point in the Fall!   Autumn in Northeastern Ohio is a beautiful time of year, jacket weather.  Crisp, but not too cold, with clear blue skies and turning leaves.  I always plan at least one visit to the park this time of year and arrange my stay to be there on a Halloweekends Sunday. 

The park is completely decked out in Halloween decorations and is totally transformed during this time of year.  One of my favorite parts is the tombstones around the park with names of staff members.  Lots of inside jokes abound. 

If you are into the ghouls and Haunted Houses, you need to go on Friday or Saturday.  You will be in good company,  Halloweekend Fridays and Saturdays are some of the most popular days to visit. 

But if you want to ride the rides, lots and lots of rides, Halloweekends Sundays rock.  You can ride every coaster in the park, some twice,  if you are determined to do so.  The lines are short and sweet.   

Our favorite family trip is to go on Saturday night to enjoy all the "frights" in the park with the kids and the crowds, then we stay overnight at the Breakers, one of the on site resorts.  On Sunday we get up and ride and ride and ride to our heart’s content.  The park closes at 8 p.m., but who cares, I’ve been able to do anything and everything by then, and I can get the kids home in time for school tomorrow!

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