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Waterparks: A Wet and Wonderful Phoenix from the Ashes


Many in Northeastern Ohio are bemoaning the closing of Geauga Lake Amusement Park,   an over 100 year old local park with nostalgic memories for many local residents (I, myself, worked there in high school).  Despite all the love for the park that was expressed after Cedar Fair announced its closing of the park, continuous improvements over the last several years failed to increase attendance to a profitable level.

But all is not lost!  One of the major improvements was the construction of a modern, state-of-the-art water park.  Although the amusement park is closed, the water park is forging on as Wildwater Kingdom.   Because of the demise of the amusement side of the park, many folks wrongly assume the water park is gone too.  Not so!

Northeastern Ohio is generally a chilly, overcast place, but for a few months every summer it gets HOT here.  Frankly, the last couple of times we went to Geauga Lake, we spend the whole day in the water park anyway.   This place is a gem in June, July and August especially.   It is right in the heart of a small town southeast of Cleveland called Aurora, Ohio, which is also home to a beautiful premium outlet mall.  My personal favorite is the wave pool but they also have the highest waterslide complex in Ohio

So I say “Hurray” to Cedar Fair for keeping this summer oasis here for us stuck here in the sweltering Ohio summer heat.   Keep making it better, we need it!

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