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What great data will be available in the 2014 Walt Disney Company Fact Book?

Disney castle

Disney castle

Throughout my years in the leisure time business, I have become known as a tenacious researcher and the one that is able to find data that others can’t. Therefore the reason I have chosen to report on secondary data as the basis of this and most of my prior Blooloop Blogs.

The quality and quantity of data available in each of Walt Disney annual Fact Books has always amazed me. While these books cover statistics pertaining to all operations of Disney, this Blog focuses only on Parks & Resorts. As far back as I can remember each of annual books has included the statistics (opening dates, resort acreage, ticket pricing ‘ base and options available, #hotel venues, # hotel rooms) that are shown below for the most current year available (2013).

Prior years of the Disney Fact Book have included additional data as well. Take for example the 2010 fact book included the rarely quoted and often asked for number THEME PARK ACREAGE. In 2010 the Disneyland Resort was 85 acres and Magic Kingdom was 142 acres. I wonder if the current acreage will be listed in the 2014 Fact Book? The Fact Book for 2008 reported the Domestic Convention Space at Disney-Owned Resorts — In 2008, the Disneyland Hotel had 136, 000 sq. ft. of Net Meeting Space. And, the “Estimated Workforce” was included in the 2005 Fact Book.

What do you think will be included in the latest Disney Fact Book? I don’t know about you, but I am hoping for capture rates, length of stay, merchandise per capita for each of the theme parks. Well, a girl can wish can’t she?

Disney Fact Book: Operations ‘ Parks & Resorts, 2013

(You may need to adjust the zoom view in your browser to see all the figures!)

Disney 2013 factbook pg 8

Disney 2013 factbook pg 9

Disney 2013 factbook pg 10

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