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ADG’s Boogie Board Ride Breaker Beach™ Wins WWA’s Leading Edge Award


Aquatic Development Group, Inc. (ADG) has scooped the World Waterpark Association's (WWA) Leading Edge Award for its innovative new water ride, Breaker Beach™.

ADG’s Boogie Board Ride,  Breaker Beach™,  Wins WWA’s Leading Edge AwardThe company’s boogie boarding surf ride, positioned as the first of its kind in North America, delivers 3ft spilling breakers every 4 seconds.

This is the second year running that ADG has won the Leading Edge Award which was presented at this year’s WWA Show in New Orleans.

Breaker Beach™ premiered this summer at Water World Water Park near Denver, Colorado under the name "Cowabunga Beach™".

"Having a boogie boarding wave pool in a land-locked state has brought a unique experience to our guests, " commented Joann Cortez, Water World's Director of Communications.

Powered by ADG's exclusive WaveTek™ wave generation system, the ride creates continuous 3ft boogie-boarding waves. The dual launch peninsula effectively doubles capacity to 700 plus riders per hour.

"We designed Breaker Beach™ to respond to the need for parks to continue to differentiate with new and innovative ride options, " explained Jim Dunn, Executive VP for Aquatic Development Group.

"Our new water rides are unique in that they offer parks an alternative to adding another slide package by not only creating an exciting and different ride experience, but by expanding beyond the edge of the water to keep guests interacting with the ride, and in the park, for longer periods of time."

The company prides itself on creating positive guest experiences both in and out of the water by ensuring minimal wait times and including plenty of decking space to maximise capacity and allow for the addition of F&B.

“We pride ourselves in offering variety to our guest experience and ADG has provided us with a unique addition to our diverse offering of family fun attractions, ” added Cortez.

“We love that ADG is so far ahead of the curve in the attractions they design.”

Images kind courtesy Aquatic Development Group.

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