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American Wave Machines brings new wave lineup to PerfectSwell

Surf facility in Japan is now home to three new types of wave

Carissa Moore_Training PerfectSwell

American Wave Machines (AWM), a leading wave pool, surf park and wave technology company, has announced a new lineup of waves for PerfectSwell Shizunami in Makinohara, Japan, which recently hosted training sessions for both the USA and Japanese Olympic surf teams.

Pro Surfer Evan Geiselman visited the attraction to try the waves for himself and describes them below.

The Drainer and The Wedge Pop

Firstly, there is Wave 1 – The Drainer:

“You can literally park it standing up and get barreled the entire wave,” says Geiselman. “You can come out of the first section and set up the second section, or you can armbar it the entire wave. All you have to do is set your line and you’re going to make the wave 9 times out of 10. It’s incredible, it’s not like you’re in this tight little barrel, you’re in a legit barrel that you can weave through from start to finish. 10-seconds.”

Moving onto Wave 2 – The Wedge Pop, he says: “The wedge pop only takes up ⅓ of the pool. The best way to sum it up is as a game-changing air section. It’s a one pump, throw yourself, body, board as high as you can, and try to do the biggest air of your life.

“This section will take aerial surfing to the next level. When you hit it right you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, that was the best air of my life.’ You can go so high. Some of the bails were super uncomfortable. I would’ve been 8-feet in the air and getting reps doing that means going to the ocean airs feel kinda small now.” 

The Highball

Finally, Wave 3 is The Highball:

“In my mind, The Highball is the best wave ever made in a pool. You have such a big bowl on the first section that you can lay into with a wrap, blowtail, two jams, etc, and then you go over this little hump and it’s one or two pumps and another massive air section. You can go super high and do any air in the book.

“That first section is so bowly and fun, it has so much push, and then to go and have an air section at the end like that is every progressive surfers’ dream. It’s the ultimate performance wave in a pool that you can have.” 

AWM also recently invited Geiselman and fellow pro surfer Kevin Schulz to compete in the first-ever game of SURF held in a PerfectSwell wave pool. Plus, the company explained how PerfectSwell technology is being used for surf lessons, making it the ideal tool for people of all levels to improve their skills.

Top image: Team USA’s Carissa Moore training at PerfectSwell Shizunami earlier this year

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