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Aquatica becomes world’s first water park to be certified autism centre

aquatica autism accreditation

SeaWorld’s Aquatica water park has been designated a Certified Autism Center following the completion of staff-wide autism sensitivity and awareness training, as well as an on site review.

Aquatica is the first water park in the world to receive the destinction.

Sister park Sesame Place, which became the world’s first certified autism center theme park last April.

Staff at Aquatica will be continually trained, working closely with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).

IBCCES is the industry leader in autism training for licensed healthcare professionals and educators around the globe.

Inclusive activities

David Heaton, Vice President of Aquatica Orlando, said: “As the first water park in the world to complete the training and become a Certified Autism Center, Aquatica Orlando is proud to provide fun and memorable experiences through exceptional service. We continually strive to create safe and meaningful experiences for all of our guests, and we are committed in our efforts to offer families inclusive activities for children with autism and other special needs.”

Myron Pincomb, IBCCES Board Chairman, said: “We know that training and certification is the best way for organizations to ensure they can accommodate all families. IBCCES is proud to work with Aquatica Orlando and other leaders in the industry to increase the availability of certified options and help individuals have a safe and enriching experience when traveling or visiting a new place. With the rise in diagnosis rates of cognitive disorders, there is a huge need for these options and for organizations to make a long-lasting commitment to their guests.”

Last year, Legoland Florida Resort added new initiatives to help guests with autism spectrum disorders enjoy the theme park more fully. Initiatives include Quiet Rooms, No-Wait Passes and employee training.

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