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New Products From Waterplay Include Smartphone-Controlled Fountain


Global provider of premium aquatic recreation equipment, Waterplay Solutions, has announced three new product concepts that will even appeal to “those with their nose stuck to their smartphone.”

“Interactive Fountains powered by waterGush”  is the Canadian company’s new interactive offering  – a fountain that can be controlled by a smartphone app. Users can adjust the flow and colours of the water jets from their phone. The company is encouraging users to “see who can create the most exciting sequences and colours” and post their efforts on social media.

“Puddles” is a new take on the traditional ground spray and encourages users to stomp, dance, or hop on the “squishy pad”, creating fun water splash effects.

“Gatherings” is Waterplay’s first ‘off-the-pad” offering – a nature-inspired seating area for playing, picnicking, sitting, and discovering. 

Dennis Scott, Manager of Research and Design at Waterplay Solutions, explains: “For the first time and with the help of world-renowned designer Markus Erhing, we’re looking at the area off the play pad and seeing how we can enrich the experience for the people on the sidelines.”

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