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ProSlide celebrates Cheetah Chase at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari

The Launched Dueling RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER Water Coaster provides a fun racing experience

ProSlide Cheetah Chase Splashin Safari

ProSlide Technology Inc., an industry leader in water ride manufacturing and design, brought its new Launched Dueling RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER Water Coaster to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, where it has been entertaining guests for just over a year under the name Cheetah Chase.

This cutting-edge coaster is the 27th water ride that ProSlide has introduced at the Indiana park. It features the first-head-to-head dueling zone and it’s the first at-grade launched water coaster powered solely through water propulsion.

Cheetah Chase ProSlide Splashin Safari

Fast-paced competition

“Cheetah Chase is something that’s really special and unique”, says ProSlide CCO Ray Smegal. “The combination of pure water propulsion that launches riders from a flat start and the innovative dueling experience truly makes it something the world hasn’t seen before.

“Right from the beginning, riders are going to have a true water coaster racing experience that’s unmatched in the water ride industry. The intensity of the race and that feeling of fierce competition starts from the beginning of the ride and doesn’t let up until the very end.”

Guests can experience a fast-paced ride, as they are propelled up a steep hill purely by water power at up to 30 feet per second. They can also enjoy racing each other, thanks to ProSlide’s patented RallyPOINTs. These are sections of open flume with lower dividing walls, allowing them to see and hear each other.

This is the third water coaster that ProSlide has collaborated on with Holiday World.

“Nearly every product that ProSlide offers, we have it”, says Matt Eckert, President and CEO of Holiday World. “What keeps us coming back to ProSlide time and again is the quality of the products they’ve built us, the service level they’ve given us, and the uniqueness and innovation that ProSlide has brought to our park.”

Last week, ProSlide announced a new partnership with Show Canada.

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