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ProSlide’s FlyingSAUCER™/RocketBLAST™ Hybrid SINGHA Waterslide Debuts at Siam Park, Tenerife


ProSlide has launched a world's first new hybrid waterslide at Siam Park, Tenerife – the SINGHA FlyingSAUCER™/RocketBLAST™.

The combination of a RocketBLAST™ water coaster and FlyingSAUCER™ compound curves create a thrilling new waterslide with steep water coaster hills, dark tunnels and massive saucers. 

RocketBLAST™ Coaster

The RocketBLAST™ coaster combines ProSlide LIM coaster and turbine technology to deliver 100% steeper hills than traditional 'blaster' coasters, 50% more capacity (540 per hour) and 60% more operational efficiency.

ProSlide FlyingSAUCER RocketBLAST SINGHA Waterslide Siam Park

FlyingSAUCER Curves

With patent pending technology, FlyingSAUCER is another unique world’s first.  Boats ride high on the wall of the curves of the giant saucers and the compound curves are designed to create maximum speed and centrifugal force for a faster, tighter ride.  

ProSlide FlyingSAUCER RocketBLAST SINGHA Waterslide Siam Park

Commenting on the new water coaster Christoph Kiessling, Managing Director, Siam Park, said, "Our guests love speed and are looking for revolutionary rides.  That's SINGHA. Its constant acceleration, extreme curves and adrenaline-pumping drops will drive guests to our park for years." 

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