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Surf Park Summit Unlock Doors for Sustainable Surf Attractions


Manmade waves have been around for decades now. In fact, they’ve been around in some shape or form since the 19th century, when King Ludwig II of Bavaria electrically shocked a lake to make some sizable Bavarian ripples of his own.

Since then, surf parks and wave pools have been garnering more attention from both the surfing world, and the amusement park/attractions industry.   

By Grady Goldberg

On Friday, September 13th at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach, CA, Surf Park Summit plans to make larger waves than ever before in the arena of the burgeoning industry. The event will bring together an impressive mix of surf industry executives, investors, developers, wave companies, operations experts, and complimentary business executives to both discuss the state of the industry, and to ultimately facilitate sustainable and rapid growth of that industry which is just now becoming possible.       

The biggest question for those involved in the business of building/designing these attention-grabbing parks has historically revolved around economic viability. Among other challenges, one of the biggest has been in creating a technology that can be manipulated significantly enough to offer both beginner and advanced surfers appropriate waves to ride, while also maintaining a sustainable cost per wave for both the surfer and the park.  

surf park summit

Luckily for all of us interested in the space, Surf Park Summit plans to address all of these concerns in addition to many others that have been floating around the space for years now. If you’re interested in being involved and/or taking part in the dialogue that is sure to shape the future of surfing and the attractions industry at large, you can request an invite or learn more from    

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