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Surfers Wow Crowds on AWM’s SurfStream at ESA Indoor Surfing Championship


American Wave Machines’ SurfStream® technology provided standing waves for the hotly-contested Northern New England Eastern Surf Association Indoor Surfing Championship.

The event, held at Surf’s Up in Nashu, New Hampshire, saw more than 30 contestants battle it out on the world’s largest standing wave machine.

American Wave Machines’ unique system features a 32-foot channel that can produce realistic standing waves up to six feet high, including barrelling waves to challenge even the most committed surfers.

“Having the ability to surf indoors in November in the Northeast is a huge game changer for the growth of our sport, and technology from American Wave Machines makes it possible, ” reported Lenny Nichols, Northern New England District Director, Eastern Surfing Association.

Bruce McFarland, founder and president, American Wave Machines said the spectator quality of the event was the best he had ever witnessed: "It was 12 hours of heats and you could see the fatigue, frustration, endurance and adrenaline in the competitors from as close as 10’ away.”

Once the competition was over, pro surfers including Cheyne Magnusson, Rob Kelly, Sam Hammer and Keenan Flegel showed off their talents.

“It was really cool to see the difference between the kids who learned in the ocean and the kids who learned on American Wave Machines’ SurfStream®, ” commented Magnusson. “With each surfer getting the exact same wave to work with, the technology really allows you to judge on pure talent and style.”

Surfers Wow Crowds on AWM's SurfStream at ESA Indoor Surfing Championship

Aside from Surfstream®, the company has also developed PerfectSwell®, a totally unique air-pressure system designed to replicate naturally occurring ocean swells. Since 2007, over 3, 000, 000 surf sessions have been experienced at American Wave Machines locations across the world.

“With wave pools eliminating the barriers to surfing’s continued growth, including proximity to the ocean and length of time between rides, the potential for world-class surfing competitions, including the Olympics, is within reach, ” said McFarland.

Top image: Rob Kelly  Above: Robbie Goodwin  Both images kind courtesy McCoy Photography.

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