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Amusement Advantage Prepares Parks for 2016 by Engaging Leaders to Drive Loyalty


Amusement Advantage is helping parks and attractions kick off their 2016 season.

Through a partnership with Performance Optimist Consulting, this special package ensures that their leaders are properly equipped to help their staff provide phenomenal experiences to park guests, that ultimately leads to repeat visitation and guest loyalty. 

This custom-built package has the following goals:

  • Set the standard with a comprehensive remote guest experience SOP review
  • Communicate the standard with powerful pre-season onsite supervisor training
  • Measure the standard through onsite mystery shopping evaluations
  • Act on the standard by identifying opportunities for leadership engagement and driving guest loyalty

The purpose of this program is to ensure that exceeding expectations is naturally a part of each staff member’s core job functions, so that each guest leaves the facility feeling genuinely appreciated, with a strong desire to return and ensure others visit as well.

Normally these services, when combined, would total just under $15, 000 USD. As part of this Black Friday promotion, clients can save more than 30%, as the package is currently being offered for $9, 997 USD.  This deal lasts through Friday, December 4th.

For more information, click here.

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