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Wavegarden elevates surfers’ performance in Swiss competition

Tournament will be first of many using Wavegarden technology in alpine setting

Wavegarden Alaïa Bay

Wavegarden, the manufacturer of artificial wave generating systems, recently saw its technology used by over one hundred surfers from around the world for a new event.

The watersport enthusiasts braved near-freezing temperatures for the inaugural Alaïa Open Winter Cup, held in Sion, Switzerland.

Similar to the assurance of perfect snow conditions in the nearby Swiss Alps, superior quality waves were almost guaranteed with Wavegarden’s world-leading wave technology operating in temperatures of 3.5ºC (38.3F).

Wavegarden Alaïa Bay Sunset

Winners’ podium

Participants were able to ignore the icy waters, focusing on putting on their best performances and getting the highest scores possible.

The Men’s Open, saw the Brazilians stand out, with Pedro Henrique putting on a spectacular performance for the entire event, continuing his winning form to stand on top of the podium, with Franklin Serpa in second place.

Wavegarden Pedro Henrique Alaïa Bay
Pedro Henrique – Men’s winner

Maud Le Car, a professional from French Polynesia dominated the women’s surfing division, taking home almost €10,000 in cash and prizes. “I am so happy to win. I am not used to surfing in the cold, but I got used to it very fast,” says Le Car. “This contest is great for surfers and will be the first of many in Europe.”

Basque-Swiss Nadia Erostarbe came in a close second, finishing ahead of Spanish Lucía Martino and Dutch surfer Eveline Hooft.

Whilst Erostarbe did not top the board, she enjoyed the competition: “The wave is excellent for training. The system is perfect for contests, competitors receive the same number of waves and opportunities, the person who surfs the best wins. This is different from the luck factor of the ocean.” 

Wavegarden Maud Le Car Tube Riding
Maud Le Car – Women’s winner

Start of a tradition

As one of the first major international competitions to be held at Wavegarden Cove, the enjoyment of surfers and cheering crowds meant that organisers believed it was an immense success.

Alaïa Bay’s founder, Adam Bonvin, was more than content with the outcome and was already looking to put on a bigger and better show next year: “I am happy that you all managed to challenge the weather, the cold, and experience what it is like to surf in Switzerland. The goal is to make it happen every year now.”

Wavegarden’s technology played a significant role in the success of Alaïa Bay’s first surf contest, providing immense potential for surfers to up their game and performance.

The event, set to the beautiful backdrop of the Swiss mountains, also featured a sky diving exhibition, social parties hosted by famous DJs from Ibiza, and a restaurant with curated European food.

Earlier this year, plans were submitted for a further outdoor Wavegarden installation at Modern Surf Manchester, a new surf park within the retail hotspot of Trafford, UK.

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