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Soaky Mountain’s WaterKINGDOM takes the crown

This past summer, Wilderness Resorts and Waterparks opened Soaky Mountain Waterpark. This is a world-class show-stopper water park featuring all the latest and greatest in ProSlide water ride innovation and technology.

Soaky Mountain_ProSlide

by the ProSlide team, the first in a 6-part series on WaterKINGDOM.

Located in Sevierville, Tennessee, Soaky Mountain is a 50-acre, leading-edge water park. It features six custom complexes complete with 17 high-performing water rides, all exclusively from ProSlide.

To create a high-performing water park, Wilderness Resorts and Waterparks needed to make sure they offered something for everyone. It wanted to installl attractions that appeal to all age demographics.

A particular area of focus was their children’s aquatic play offering. There was a need for something for Soaky Mountain’s younger guests that would stimulate, engage, and entertain, while also functioning as its own distinct area within the park.

Soaky Mountain KIDZ

Together, Soaky Mountain Waterpark and ProSlide installed a marquee attraction that met and exceeded all their needs for an aquatic play area and also set the new standard for all children’s area globally: ProSlide’s WaterKINGDOM.

What is WaterKINGDOM?

WaterKINGDOM represents the absolute best in children and family water park attractions. For decades, children’s water rides have lagged their larger counterparts in research and development, as well as new product introductions.

In fact, the first iconic kids’ water ride didn’t appear until 2006. This was ProSlide’s KIDZ TORNADO at Chimelong Water Park, China. Since then, water parks and water rides have transformed with new technology and ground-breaking new water parks. WaterKINGDOM brings relevant and purposeful innovation to children and family water park attractions.

Soaky Mountain RideHOUSE

WaterKINGDOM also defines a very special family environment; it’s a water park within a water park. Using design principles from the best new water parks, ProSlide’s WaterKINGDOM maximizes capacity, guest entertainment value, and ROI. Families will claim their cabana or lounge chairs in the morning and then enjoy the WaterKINGDOM all day.

A flagship attraction

Soaky Mountain’s WaterKINGDOM opened with the park this summer and sets a new bar for aquatic play, establishing itself as the world leader.

This flagship attraction redefines what guests have come to expect from the traditional water park children’s area, offering a dedicated seating area, refreshments, and a direct line-of-sight to kids, all within its confines.

Soaky Mountain KIDZ ProSlide

The industry-leading ride mix is filled with iconic ProSlide water rides. This creates a distinct experience for Soaky Mountain’s young guests while remaining complementary to the mix of adult rides. Many aspects of Soaky Mountain’s WaterKINGDOM stimulate engagement and discovery learning. Plus they bring about hours of fun for parents and kids.

With a greater emphasis on the environment and attractions that match family demographics, this themed, immersive entertainment area is the perfect attraction for kids and families.

All-in-one entertainment at Soaky Mountain

Soaky Mountain’s RideHOUSE is an independent waterplay entertainment centre for young kids (and their parents) to enjoy. This is the star of their WaterKINGDOM. It is a perfect example of what the combination of purposeful design and expert-level theming can accomplish.

Named “The Hive” for its elements of bee theming that enliven the appearance, like the giant tipping bucket shaped like a beehive or bears climbing the structure, this customized RideHOUSE is built for both entertainment and interactivity.

RideHOUSE allows park owners to choose from a wide variety of structures, or customize one, to fit their park’s unique budget, footprint, and demographic needs. In an open, easy-to-supervise structure—filled with an exciting mix of dynamic features and slides, as well as interactive areas to explore—every RideHOUSE delivers safe activity and entertainment to kids.

Just for the kids

Soaky Mountain’s KIDZ Zone also features a perfectly balanced mix of iconic ProSlide rides. These are scaled-down and purposefully designed for the young riders at the park. Multiple competitive ProRACERS create friendly competition among the young riders. Meanwhile, the KIDZ TORNADO 12 and the world’s first KIDZ TornadoWAVE – with colours that match their counterparts in the park – offer iconic ride experiences.

With smooth, safe ride transitions, low-grade landings, shallow pools, and optimal sightlines, this KIDZ Zone is the perfect place to entertain young riders.

Finally, completing the trifecta of WaterKINGDOM attractions at Soaky Mountain Waterpark is a Waterplay Spray Park. This multipurpose attraction promotes interactivity, play, and discovery for both parents and kids to enjoy.

ProSlide KidzArea

Here, guests can choose from a wide assortment of toys and interactives to play with – many of them also serving multiple functions. With limitless customization options available, the potential of Waterplay Spray Parks is only limited by the user’s imagination.

ProSlide’s WaterKINGDOM has opened up a golden opportunity for their clients and water park developers around the world. This allows them to offer an innovative, new experience for their guests. With more WaterKINGDOM installations to come in the future, ProSlide is setting up even more of its clients for success.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment in this 6-part series, focusing on the philosophy of play and WaterKINGDOM. 

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