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Graduated ride designs are ideal for younger guests

There is something for everyone at Atlantis Aquaventure, keeping guests coming back for more

ProSlide KIDZ RallyRACER

by the ProSlide team, the fourth part of a 5-part series on Atlantis Aquaventure

When you first arrive at Aquaventure Dubai, one thing you will immediately notice about the new expansion is the emphasis on the park’s family rides and attractions.

That’s not a coincidence; it’s part of a strategic vision. It is a very purposeful decision by Atlantis to make families a priority for their resort. And why not do everything you can to deliver an unforgettable family experience?

ProSlide-KIDZ-Zone graduated ride experience

A full suite of ProSlide WaterKINGDOM attractions makes it easy for parks to create an environment where families can spend the entire day enjoying the rides, refreshments and more.

Offerings like the Spray Parks for the youngest guests, as well as KIDZ Rides and the KidzADVENTURE Tower for older kids all provide a graduated ride experience, readying riders for the next level of ProSlide attraction. Not only that, but providing younger riders with an unforgettable water park experience gives them even more reason to return when they’re older.

That’s why water parks around the world are increasingly focusing on creating a high-level family experience. One that draws in more of that audience as well as keeping them coming back.

A graduated ride experience – from KIDZ to KAT

While the new Aquaventure expansion includes numerous attractions catering to all sorts of guest excitement levels, Splasher’s Cove and Splasher’s Lagoon are two areas that have been designed solely for the family audience at the park.

Both are exclusively powered by ProSlide’s WaterKINGDOM rides. They offer an intentionally unique experience that focuses on providing entertainment, while also promoting natural transitions from smaller rides to larger rides.

ProSlide-KidzADVENTURE-Tower graduated ride experience

The graduated ride experience is present in all WaterKINGDOM rides. It provides water parks with a way to keep guests both entertained and captivated as they grow older. Each attraction within WaterKINGDOM is tailored to set age groups and they also overlap with other attractions. By designing ride experiences that cater to an age group’s unique needs and expectations, ProSlide is working to foster lifelong water park experiences.

WaterKINGDOM creates endless possibilities

ProSlide’s WaterKINGDOM Product Line Manager Kiel Graham notes that the ‘something for everyone’ ethos is on full display with the graduated ride experience provided by Atlantis’ WaterKINGDOM:

“Every WaterKINGDOM attraction is purpose-built to offer safe discovery and high-entertainment value. But also to serve as a transition for riders to the next level up. At Atlantis, the Spray Park in Splasher’s Lagoon is a universal attraction where kids just old enough to walk can get in on the fun.

“Then they can graduate to our iconic KIDZ Rides like the KIDZ TORNADO 24 or KIDZ MiniRIVER. If they’re older and looking for more excitement, the KIDZ Adventure Tower at Splasher’s Cove offers rides that are more thrilling. These are geared at older kids, and can serve as a bridge to the rides on Trident Tower.”

DreamWorks Water Park_American Dream proslide graduated ride experience
DreamWorks Water Park, American Dream

In addition, ProSlide’s expansive WaterKINGDOM suite of attractions includes other options for parks to target specific demographics. Parks like Soaky Mountain Waterpark in Tennessee also designed their KIDZ Wave and Double TornadoWAVE 60 with similar colour schemes. This makes the connection much more obvious than just the ride experience.

Meanwhile, parks like American Dream, Universal’s Volcano Bay or Atlantis Sanya use the complete, all-in-one RideHOUSE. This bridges young riders from the smaller KIDZ Rides to the park’s larger rides for a graduated ride experience.

Family experiences that keep guests coming back

Building a water park with a graduated ride experience serves the immediate, by providing something for everyone. Furthermore, it’s also a strategic investment in the park’s future.

Spray-Park-at-Splashers-Lagoon hotel water parks

Looking towards their future, creating opportunities for riders to graduate entrenches enduring memories of fun family time. These can be repeated by newer generations and expanded upon as guests get older. And this means they will continue to return for new experiences.

Aquaventure Dubai’s pitch-perfect execution of family entertainment offers the ideal experience for guests of all ages. It also creates the perfect incentive for that highly sought-after water park demographic to keep coming back.

In the previous post, ProSlide looked at the benefits of adding a water park to a hotel or resort. Next, the team will explore how competition thrives in water parks.

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