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Request for quotations RFQ sought for Wright Park Zoo

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The City of Dodge City is looking at a master plan to develop the small Kansas zoo, Wright Park Zoo.

The City of Dodge City in Kansas has put out a request for proposals for professional services to help with the development of a master plan for the Wright Park Zoo.  “The scope of services will create a strategic development plan encompassing the entire zoo property that considers the long term sustainability and direction of the zoo,” says the RFQ from the Dodge City Department of Parks & Facilities, under which the zoo operates.

The City says it is considering a wide range of options to address the zoo’s operational, fiscal and regulatory compliance needs in the long term.  It is therefore looking for a consultant team with experience in the level of analysis specific to similar facilities.

Wright Park Zoo – scope of works

The scope of work covers:

  • Analysis of Existing Facilities & Structures (evaluating existing buildings, animal care facilities, visitor amenities and summary of existing utilities and infrastructure)
  • Strategic Development Plan (analysis of economic impact, assessment of community desires and support, attendance and operational projections, partnerships, business plan)
  • Master Plan (concept development, proposed animal list, enhancements to landscaping, facility support services, visitor circulation plan, exhibit plan/organisational theme).

It says options could include:  downsizing and eliminating exhibits; converting zoo space to other park amenities; developing a more targeted strategy around exhibits.

The zoo took its current form in the 1980. It takes up around four acres in the southwest corner of Wright Park.  It cares for around 120 animals, including North American native species such as bison and cougars and exotics including tigers and lemurs.  The zoo is visited by around 60,000 visitors per year and in 2010, it gained accreditation with the ZAA (Zoological Association of America). Although it is small, the zoo has a good reputation and is popular with families wanting a relaxing day out.  Admission at present is free.

The RFQ detailing submittal requirements can be downloaded from the City of Dodge City website.

The deadline for proposals is August 7th 2018 at 5pm.

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