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Entertainment Design Corporation (EDC) Return to Production Team for Barbra Streisand Tour


Entertainment Design Corporation (EDC), the award-winning entertainment designers for branded attractions, experiential retail, and live shows, is proud to announce its involvement in Barbra Streisand's upcoming tour.

EDC is part of the production team for Barbra Streisand on her latest tour, which celebrates six decades of number one albums.

This will be EDC's second stage design for Barbra Streisand, the first being her "Streisand" tour, 2006-2007.

The Los Angeles based design firm is honoured to be asked back again to design the stage production and to be a part of the returning production team of (Director) Richard J Alexander, (Lighting Designer) Peter Morse, and (Production Manager) Michael Weiss

The challenges of production for this high profile show centre around balancing a tightrope of how to transport the audience into fully immersive, theatrical, and textural environments while at the same time not overwhelming or upstaging Ms. Streisand's pure and beautiful performance. 

Jeremy Railton, EDC Founder and Chairman explains, “Our interest within this show is finding the elegance and grandeur of the performance, packaging Ms. Streisand's unrelenting and timeless vocals into a visual theatrical palette.”

One of the most exciting aspects of the staging has been the innovative use of digital technology.  Alex Calle, EDC's CEO and Chief Creative Officer says, “The use of digital scenery is one of the aspects of this design that we are relying heavily on. The LED screens of most tours have become a canvas of motion graphics. Cool abstract imagery zooming across the screen. With this tour, we are attempting to use the LED screens as a vehicle to bring large digital scenic pieces on and off stage. Similar to how a theatrical fly house flies scenery on and off stage, or tracks it from off left or right, here we are using the screens to house our scenic elements to the show. Large chandeliers, operatic drapery, or a corinthian colonnade might all track on stage to set the scene for the next number.”

For more information please contact, , (310) 641-9300

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