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BTS label owner HYBE launching HYBE Insight museum in Seoul

HYBE, the South Korean music company behind K-pop stars BTS, is launching a museum called HYBE Insight at its new HQ in Seoul.

hybe insight

Formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment, HYBE is opening a “multiplex cultural space” called HYBE Insight to celebrate its music, artists and fans (via Bandwagon Asia).

HYBE Insight is set to open on May 14 and can be found within HYBE’s new HQ in Yongsan, Seoul. It will boast exhibitions, spaces and displays inspired by the company’s mission statement, which is: “We believe in music.”

The museum covers 4,700 square meters across two floors where guests can “see, hear, touch, and feel the power of [HYBE’s] music and beliefs”. The first floor will include experiences, and the second will feature exhibits.

Visitors can also select an artist guide to take them through HYBE Insight, including BTS’ RM, NU’EST’s JR, GFriend’s Sowon, Seventeen’s S.Coups, TXT’s Soobin, and ENHYPEN’s Jungwon.

HYBE art installation exploring BTS

HYBE Insight’s opening exhibits include Seven Phases, which is an art installation by Taiwanese-American visual artist James Jean that explores BTS in a “detailed and dreamy world”. This runs from May 14 through November 14.

The museum’s shop will sell music-themed souvenirs, while an Upcycling Lab sells products that have been upcycled after being worn by HYBE artists.

Earlier this month, HYBE merged with Ithaca Holdings, the company led by SB Projects (SBP) founder Scooter Braun. SB Projects represents Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato.

“This will be the first time HYBE’s groundbreaking systems and curation will be integrated in the US market at the onset of an artist’s career,” said Braun.

Upcycling Lab clothes worn by HYBE artists

“The inevitable joining of HYBE and Ithaca Holdings marks the start of a new adventure no one could have possibly imagined,” added Bang Si-Hyuk, CEO of HYBE.

Universal Music Group (UMG) and Dakia U-Ventures previously announced the launch of UMUSIC Hotels, a group of global music-based experiential hotels.

This was followed by the opening of the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville, dedicated to music genres including blues, jazz, gospel, hip hop and R&B.

Images: HYBE Insight

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