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Alcorn McBride Provides User-Friendly Audio Solution for San Jose Public Library


The San Jose Public Library is installing Alcorn McBride’s user-friendly audio machines in 23 locations to handle its many timed announcements.

The Library’s system integrator, PCD Inc, recognised the need for a reliable solution that was straightforward to operate by non-technical personnel.

Alcorn McBride provides user-friendly audio solution for San Jose Public Library “The previous system was far too complicated; you had to be a professional programmer just to access it, ” explains John Rudolph, PCD’s Vice President and General Manager. “By contrast, the AM4 was not only easy to install, it’s easy for the staff to use. And, that made our job of training the client very easy.”

Rudolph highlights two further benefits: the ethernet access enabling one central administrator to access, monitor and update the announcements for all branches and the NTP time synchronization which ensures that all announcements will trigger on time even after daylight saving time change.

Alcorn McBride, already a leading manufacturer of show control, audio and video equipment for the themed entertainment industry, is increasingly supplying systems for retail environments and transportation applications. Their AM4 digital audio machines will be used by the Library for all their announcements including opening and closing times and emergency alerts.

“We installed one PA system with the AM4 and they liked it so much that we did a second, ” comments Rudolph.  “Now, we’re upgrading every one of the libraries: ten libraries have the AM4 and we’ll finish all 23 locations by the end of the year.”

Rudolph is quick to praise Alcorn’s customer support but adds: “We’ve hardly needed it!  Alcorn McBride products just work.”

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