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Dubai’s Museum of the Future seeks tech firms for accelerator programme

Dubai Museum of the Future accelerator

Dubai’s Museum of the Future is looking for tech firms for its accelerator programme.  The museum is looking to fund pilot projects developing wearable devices, VR/AR experiences and AI guides.

The Museum of the Future has announced a new accelerator programme which it hopes will draw in fresh solutions to create exciting visitor experiences.

15 companies will be flown to Dubai to demonstrate their technology. They will be invited to suggest and develop pilot project proposals. Successful projects will be incorporated into the opening of the museum at the end of 2019.

“This isn’t an accelerator in the traditional sense,” says the museum’s website. “We won’t teach you how to write a business plan or build an MVP. What we are accelerating is the creation of technology that solves a challenge the Museum of the Future faces. Instead of taking months to access relevant stakeholders, expect to develop a positive relationship with the government of Dubai in weeks.”

It says the aim of the program is to “provide a dynamic environment to explore new opportunities to deliver transformative technologies and services, culminating in companies receiving a MOU (or other commercial agreement) to deliver a funded pilot project after the program ends.”

Three technology challenges for museums

Companies are being asked to adress one of three challenges the museum faces.

1. Advanced Wearable Devices. The museum wants to leverage the most exciting combination possible of sensors, devices, and applications. The aim is to create a truly exciting and visionary visitor experience.

2. AI Guides and Social Companions. This seeks to create a highly personalised visitor experience via the use of conversational chatbots.

3. The VR and AR Experience. This plans to devise dynamic interactive experiences that can also be shared no matter where people might be in the museum. Its aim is to eliminate digital and physical boundaries.

Successful companies will be offered extensive and unparalleled access to the resources, expertise and staff of the Museum of the Future.

“If you have a product or a solution which you think might help us solve the challenges that are part of the accelerators programme, we look forward to your application,” said Dr Noah Raford, COO and futurist-in-chief at Dubai Future Foundation. “And, if successful, welcoming you to Dubai to help build the future together.”

Companies should apply for the programme via the museum’s website, using the online application form.

The deadline for applications is May 30 2018.

The museum, currently under construction, sees itself as a ‘unique incubator’ for futuristic design and innovation. It grew out of five years of temporary immersive exhibitions which were held at the World Government Summit. These pop-ups led to the start of the Dubai Future Foundation and, in turn, the Museum of the Future (costing an estimated AED 500 million). The museum will act as a platform to demonstrate and test upcoming inventions and prototypes. It will include a major event space and theatre alongside a series of classrooms. Partnership labs will host some of the most inspiring industry leaders of the 21st century.

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