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Electrosonic Upgrades ShowDome at Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh


Electrosonic, an international audio-visual company that creates tailored, state-of-the-art solutions for theme parks and museums, has provided refurbishment and technical upgrades for the ShowDome at Our Dynamic Earth (ODE), Edinburgh.

The two phase project included a full-dome projection upgrade, a new theatre layout and a state-of-the-art server and content management system.

Electrosonic project manager Phil Downie explains that Electrosonic developed the proposal with the client.  “The objectives were to upgrade the theatre to provide a higher-quality feel and experience for the audience, and to increase the flexibility of show playback and show management.  The solution was to increase the capacity available to store shows ready for playback, improve the efficiency of the ‘workflow’ of the show data, increase the level of control for planetarium systems, and to have a wireless touch-panel interface.”

Phase One

Phase one of the project included:

  • Replacing the projection system with a system featuring five channels of LED projection. 
  • Supplying new Philips lighting systems, including LED washes for scenic and mood effects, and spotlights for floor highlighting and on the stage.  
  • Installing an insert projector display was for digital presentations
  • Supplying a control system managed via an Apple iPad interface for all media, lighting, audio and display hardware.
  • Installing tiered flooring with 106 premium seats and a stage.  (Aspect performed the carpentry and theatre fit out.)

Electrosonic Upgrades the ShowDome at Our Dynamic Earth,  Edinburgh

Phase Two

Phase two of the project involved installing two 7thSense media server systems to feed the projection of full-dome films, one of which is configured for more efficient operation.  Downie explains that the new server “improves the efficiency of the ‘workflow’ of the show data in several ways.  Slicing the shows into each channel is no longer needed, and when storing the shows for back up, only the masters have to be stored.  There are no sliced channel files, which hugely reduces the storage required.”

The media server can play up to 35 30-minute shows in 3K format directly from a large amount of primary storage.  If more storage is needed a secondary NAS server can easily be added, and shows can be transferred by moving just one set of masters rather than moving five channels of carved video.  

The new portable touch control interface is capable of controlling anything from the lighting to show control to full administrator access.

Equipment stored in a main rack room.


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