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New Venture, TalentSIKCA, to Deliver Bespoke Audience Experiences in Middle East


KCA London and National Talents Co. for Training and Education have teamed up to deliver world-class audience experiences in the Middle East.

New Venture,  TalentsKCA,  to Deliver Bespoke Audience Experiences in Middle EastThe two companies, who jointly delivered Riyadh’s first interactive science centre, Mishkat, will operate as TalentSIKCA.

KCA evolved from the Creative Services department of London’s Science Museum. Since 2007, the company has grown into a fully-fledged design, learning and operations consultancy whose diverse clients include Historic Royal Palaces, the National Maritime Museum, the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and UNICEF.

National Talents, set up to encourage young people into the engineering industry, now delivers and operates a host of learning experiences including touring exhibitions and STEM engagement campaigns.

TalentSIKCA will tap into this portfolio of skills to deliver what the company describes as ‘inspiring experiences for audiences in the Arabic world’.

Amr Al Madani, CEO of TalentSlKCA, comments, ‘Our unique combination of worldleading expertise, cultural insight and regional capacity in the Gulf and Middle East means we can support the delivery of truly impactful experiences bespoke to the needs of our clients and their audiences’.

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