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PGAV Destinations’ New Research: S.T.E.M. – America’s Destinations Lead the Way

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PGAV Destinations reveals challenges and new solutions to STEM engagement 

St. Louis-based planning and design firm PGAV Destinations has published its latest landmark study, “S.T.E.M.: America’s Destinations Lead the Way.” The study examines the issues and opportunities along the entire production line of STEM talent and presents a strong case for America’s destinations as catalysts for growth.

PGAV Destinations’ New Research Published: S.T.E.M. – America’s Destinations Lead the Way“STEM” in Destinology is an early snapshot of the firm’s phase-one study, and PGAV intends to publish phase two of the research in early 2014, expounding on these topics: elementary school, high school, college, STEM at destinations, women in STEM, science center funding, and the regional impact of destinations.

The report begins by investigating America’s educational system from kindergarten through post-college, looking for key drivers of field inspiration and cultivation to carry those interests into lifelong careers. This piece also examines international STEM talent graduation rates and career decisions.

The study then delves into a focus on women’s interest in STEM fields at an early age and how that evolves in different ways as they progress through education and key life landmarks. Women serve as one of the most talented and readily available resources for deeper engagement in STEM fields, and “S.T.E.M.” proposes theories for their lower levels of participation and ways to grow this resource. 

Lastly, “S.T.E.M.” examines how America’s destinations can serve as some of the most powerful influencers for increasing interest, inspiration, and understanding in STEM fields. By leveraging a large correlation study of city data points with its decades of destination design experience, PGAV reveals trends linking prosperous cities with destination development. In addition, the study shares case studies of various types of attractions effectively incorporating STEM education and principles.

““S.T.E.M.” connects the insights from many of the world’s most prevalent research papers on the topic to our insights with destinations, ” says Diane Lochner, museum sector leader at PGAV Destinations. “It’s our intent that this will empower destination managers to cut through all of the noise and enable them to make informed, wise decisions as they leverage their attractions to address the vacuum of much-needed STEM talent.” 

“S.T.E.M.” is just the latest study in an ongoing series of published research by PGAV Destinations. By visiting the company’s website, you can find additional studies regarding The New Destination Visitor, The Art of the Family Vacation, Millenials, Authenticity, Green Design, and many more. Visit the company’s Publications page to subscribe to their quarterly newsletter, Destinology, to automatically receive the latest research insights.

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