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Planet Word Museum set to open on October 22

planet word museum

D.C.’s Planet Word Museum, a new attraction debuting with interactive exhibitions and high-tech displays, has shared its official opening date of October 22.

Planet Word Museum is located inside the Franklin School, which is a fitting as the place where Alexander Graham Bell first transmitted speech by a beam of light.

The attraction will celebrate words in all forms, from the traditions of oral storytelling and the written word to songwriting and sign language.

In a statement, Planet Word CEO Ann Friedman said: “During the coronavirus pandemic, our focus has remained on the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and future visitors.

“In October, I will be thrilled to finally – safely – open the world’s first museum dedicated to bringing language to life.”

Celebrate words in all forms at Planet Word

Friedman added: “We’ve continued the work of designing immersive and interactive galleries, curating content to feature in our exhibits and revitalizing the historic Franklin School, with deference to guidance from public health officials.”

The museum will open on a limited basis, with visitors required to register in advance for free, timed-entry tickets. Masks will be mandatory, and access to galleries will be controlled.

Upon arrival at the Franklin School, guests will receive a stylus pen that is compatible with the museum’s interactive exhibits, eliminating any need to touch surfaces.

In addition, Planet Word is launching a monthly online programme called DIVERCITIES, created in partnership with Shared_Studios.

Planet Word opening safely amid COVID-19

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What light through yonder window breaks? It’s #Etymonday, and we’re exploring the word “window”! “Window” comes to English from the Old Norse “vindauga,” which combines the word for “wind” (vindr) and “eye” (auga). Its first recorded use is in the 13th century! 😳 Some other languages have the word for “wind” baked into their word for “window.” Spanish, for example, uses “ventana,” from the Latin “ventus” meaning—you guessed it—“wind.” But other languages (like French) get their word for “window” from the Latin “fenestra,” meaning, well…“window.” This is also the source of the entertainingly specific word “defenestration,” “a throwing of a person or thing out of a window.” (Defenestration has a more general use now, to refer to a forceful removal from power or political office. But it’s more fun to think about the window throwing!) And that’s the story of the word “window”! What word should we look into next? #words #language #etymology #history #architecture #franklinschool #window #brick #adolfcluss

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Every month, a local comedian, poet, artist, journalist, educator or activist will join in conversation with peers to explore how different cities and cultures use and experience language.

The first DIVERCITIES programme will take place September 9. Planet Word will also feature one of Shared_Studios’ Portals, boasting immersive AV technology.

Planet Word Portal allows visitors to interact and make connections with people around the world, discovering how words shape our lives, decisions and relationships.

Elsewhere, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has reopened with innovative initiatives, including timed entrance ticketing and free bicycle valet service.

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