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The British Museum Appoints Holovis for Ancient Lives, New Discoveries



Holovis is working with the British Museum to provide all the AV integration for new exhibition Ancient lives, new discoveries, opening on 22nd May 2014. The exhibition is sponsored by Julius Baer with support from technology partner Samsung. 

This follows the highly successful British Museum international touring exhibition Mummy: the inside story , for which Holovis created a 3D 4K-resolution theatre that immersed the audience in the ‘virtual unwrapping’ of a 3, 000-year old mummy.

From 2011 until 2013 this exhibition travelled to venues in Virginia, Brisbane, Mumbai and Singapore, accompanied and supported technically by Holovis throughout the tour.

This new exhibition unveils new discoveries from CT scanning which tell the different stories of eight individuals who were mummified many thousands of years ago. The mummies selected cover a period of over 4000 years, from the Predynastic period to the Christian era, from sites in Egypt and the Sudan. The emphasis will be on revealing different aspects of living and dying in the ancient Nile valley through these eight individuals and also through contextual objects from the collection such as amulets, canopic jars, musical instruments and items of food.

Holovis, in partnership with the Museums technical staff, will install a cohesive mix of screens and projectors to bring to life the messages of the exhibition and create an engaging audience experience, whilst being empathetic with the real life stories being told and human remains on display.

Stuart Hetherington, CEO, Holovis explained,  “We are delighted to be working with the British Museum once again. Following the success of the touring 3D theatre it’s a pleasure to assist in the delivery of this new experience at the Museum here in London.”

“To make the management of all the AV systems simple and easy for the Museum team to operate and maintain, we are creating a custom Holovis control system, allowing them to move around the space with a wireless touchscreen device and control everything from one location.” 

John Taylor, curator of the exhibition, said,  ‘Holovis has a track record of excellence in the highly specialised area of visualising Egyptian mummies for large audiences. We are confident that the collaboration will result in a unique visitor experience.’

Image: British Museum

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