Embed ongoing education scholarships available for leading amusement industry events

Embed scholarships are now open for ongoing education at leading events in the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries.

The company sponsors 19 educational conferences a year at which industry experts share their knowledge and insights.

Embed is a worldwide supplier of point of sale and revenue management systems for the entertainment, amusement and leisure industries. It delivers tools to manage every part of an entertainment facility.

The company is a subsidiary of out-of-home entertainment leader Helix Leisure. Its robust understanding of the industry comes from over 55 years in the business. Embed has offices in the USA, UAE, Singapore, and Australia.

Embed states it is committed to supporting their customers’ professional development. To this end, the company sponsors 19 educational conferences each year. Sponsorship offers newcomers as well as veteran FEC owners the benefit of presentations by industry experts.

Inevitably such events also offer networking opportunities. Meeting like-minded peers can result in collaborations, support and can foster long-term relationships.

Embed currrently has scholarships available for the following upcoming events: