VR World reopens with flagship location in NYC

VR World

VR World, the largest immersive mixed reality experience centre in North America, has reopened in its new flagship location in NYC. VR World offers immersive art, music, film and mixed reality gaming.

The attraction in Midtown Manhattan has three floors and 12,000 square feet of space. It follows the success of its pilot location, which opened in 2017.

In its flagship location, VR World hopes to create the social entertainment experience of the future, with special cocktails, interactive media installations and more.

Located at 8 E 34th Street, the attraction invites guests to escape from a pyramid, survive a zombie apocalypse, and explore the Orion Nebula.

‘The social entertainment experience of the future’

“Whether an art fan, a compassionate film goer, a gamer or just someone looking to have a good time, VR World sets you on a rollercoaster of emotions melding seemingly incompatible genres and subjects into one never-ending adventure,” said Leo Tsimmer, CEO of VR World.

“We are building the future of entertainment, humanizing technology in ways that bring us closer together in real time and space.”

VR World’s flagship was designed by MFGA Architects’ Mark Foster Gage. It includes a bar and lounge as well as club events and DJ sets.

It also features a 30-foot tall sculpture with a giant projection that transforms the staircase into an ever-changing display of landscapes, deep-sea fauna and melting ice blocks.

VR World features bar and lounge, digital sculpture

The main and basement club levels will house popular virtual reality (VR) content and activations, as well as a full bar. The mezzanine provides lounge seating.

According to a press release, the flagship is designed as a template for VR World’s expansion to other major urban markets over the next year.

Elsewhere, premium VR entertainment platform AmazeVR has launched its first location-based VR experience at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea.