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Clip ‘n Climb speeds up with new system

Clip n Climb Speed Climb

All of Clip ‘n Climb’s Speed Climb walls will now feature an innovative new auto belay speed device by Head Rush.

Speed climbing is the fastest growing segment of indoor rock climbing, according to the Climbing Business Journal.  New gyms are including speed walls in their builds, while existing gyms are adding speed walls in their existing space.

Youth teams in particular are driving the trend.

The new Head Rush TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay has a retraction rate of 2.7 seconds on Clip ‘n Climb’s 10m Speed Climb.  Clip ‘n Climb says, with a canny wink, that it’s now the perfect tool for training future Olympic athletes for Tokyo 2020!

It has been engineered to meet the core requirements for speed climbing auto belays set by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC).  It maximises retraction speed while still utilizing magnetic eddy current braking, allowing for a smooth descent.

Retraction rate is 2.7 seconds for a 10m wall and 3.5 seconds for a 15m wall, outpacing IFSC standards. It’s believed that the speed device is fast enough to outrun even the world’s most elite speed climbers.

ABC Climbing in Boulder, USA is one of the first climbing centres to use the new belays. “The speed device has been working great for Team ABC!” says John Brosler, speed climbing champion and speed specialist at ABC.  “The kids are always commenting on how light and smooth it feels while climbing.  The retraction is definitely fast enough; none of us can outrun the device.”

The eddy current braking technology is extremely reliable because it is friction-free, with no contacting parts.  This means the braking is smooth and low maintenance. It automatically adjusts to the climber’s weight, offering a consistent experience across the widest weight range of any modular auto belay.

Clip ‘n Climb is an innovative fun climbing concept.  It comprises 30 climbing challenges suitable for the whole family.  The Clip ‘n Climb clipper system keeps climbers safe while they stretch themselves with a wide range of challenges.  Clip ‘n Climb has been installed in venues right across the world.  Adventure Zones contain less than 15 challenges, while Adventure Centres have more than 15.

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