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Drone Interactive brings ARCADRONE to Switzerland

Fun Planet, an FEC in Villeneuve, now offers the unique drone attraction

Drone Interactive Fun Planet

Drone Interactive, a specialist in drone-based attractions, has worked with Fun Planet to bring the ARCADRONE to its first location in Switzerland. Guests at Fun Planet, a popular FEC in Villeneuve, can now enjoy the unique drone attraction which was installed as part of a major renovation project.

Within the ARCADRONE arena, up to four players aged 6 and over can fly drones while playing immersive games. During the experience, the drones interact with the elements of the game as well as the other drones.

The turnkey attraction also features an anti-collision system that makes sure that the drones don’t crash.

Interactive drone-based fun

Drone Interactive at Fun Planet

A spokesperson from Fun Planet explains the goal of the game, where players are divided into two teams and are seated with individual controllers: “Five seconds after takeoff, a yellow light will light up randomly on one of the drones: it is the torch. If you have it, you have to get away from others. Otherwise, we must try to go and get it back. The goal is to keep the torch as long as possible.”

When players get close to the drone with the torch, they will feel a slight vibration as it changes hands. During the last thirty seconds, points count for double as players rush to be the one holding the torch at the end of the game.

After trying the latest game to arrive at Fun Planet, a nine-year-old guest says: “At first I was afraid it would be super hard to drive, but in fact, it was quite simple. The left joystick to go left or right, the right one to go up or down. It was cool, I liked it a lot. And mom laughed all the time.”

A screen gives the scores in real-time as players enjoy the game, as well as explaining how to steer the drones at the start. Plus, other visitors can also follow the race on a large screen, allowing them to get involved in the action too.

“Flying a drone is one thing. But the ARCADRONE has this additional playful dimension, like a race of gendarmes and thieves,” says Fun Planet Director, Anthony Heim. “We had been in contact with the designers for three years. Now that the product is reliable, it’s time to bring it to the public.”

A winning concept

Drone Interactive announced the launch of its ARCADRONE flagship product in 2019, after winning the Bpifrance Innovation Competition and signing its first pilot installation in France. Speaking about the first time he showed the product at a major trade fair in 2018, CEO Vincent Rigau says:

“The participants were fans of the concept, but we were predicted that the Chinese would develop the same thing the following year. This is still not the case, because there are several technological locks. In particular, even if this is invisible to customers, the drone batteries are charged automatically between each flight. We are also about to invest in the American market.”

Last year, Drone Interactive announced that it had begun accepting European orders for ARCADRONE, and introduced a special discount for the first orders.

Images kind courtesy of 24heures

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