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Mobaro releases RideOps with special offer for 2021

New ride operations app will be free until the end of 2021


Mobaro, a provider of online maintenance and safety solutions, has announced the launch of RideOps, a new companion app designed to support on-ride workflows and bring together more information between the core teams at attractions.

RideOps, which will be available for free during 2021, has been created to meet the need for a tool that support ride operators in their everyday tasks. Alongside Mobaro’s digital maintenance, safety and operations tools help attractions to run in an efficient, cost-effective and safe way.

A gamechanger

“In my 45 years in the industry, I’ve only ever seen a gamechanger like this once,” says David Bromilow, Director of Parks & Attractions at Mobaro. “What we aim to do with RideOps is to both facilitate the on-ride workflows like documenting ride cycle count, the number of riders, queue time and more, but that is just part one.

“While it will work alone, RideOps could potentially revolutionize things when used in conjunction with Mobaro.”

RideOps is currently available as a standalone app for on-ride workflows, with Mobaro adding more connections to the main platform in the near future.

“We are very excited about this launch and already we can reveal that it will integrate with some of the key features of the Mobaro system later this year,” adds Bromilow. “This means that the first iteration of the app will offer ridership and more.

“While the update will involve both ride operator training, notes, integrated checks from the Mobaro CMMS and more powerful features to connect operations, maintenance and safety to a higher degree.”

Full-circle solution

RideOps will serve as an add-on to existing Mobaro tools for a full-circle solution, helping operators with maintenance, safety, and operations inspections, documenting rider data, training operators and keeping track of competency, as well as collecting, monitoring and acting all this data in one place.

Operators who choose RideOps this year will be able to take advantage of it for free until the end of 2021. To find out more and to sign up, please click here.

Last year, Mobaro also announced the launch of a new feature package, Advanced Compliance Management (ACM). This is designed to help attractions professionals safeguard quality in their safety, maintenance and operations processes. 

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