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Embed announces COVID-19 Resource Center

Embed COVID relief act resource center

Embed, a leading worldwide supplier of point-of-sale and revenue management systems, has expanded its COVID-19 Relief Act with additional support.

Embed is pleased to announce the launch of its new COVID-19 Resource Center. This adds even more support to its existing offer, the COVID-19 Relief Act. This includes a Mobile Wallet launch toolkit as well as a reopening toolkit.

Earlier this month, the company already announced that it is giving away its award-winning Mobile Wallet for a year, to help operators as they recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Resource Center

Now, Embed is also giving operators a complete go-to-market toolkit for the Mobile Wallet. This is designed to help them launch the service easily, and drive uptake. It features marketing assets such as digital marketing banners, social media posts, posters, clings, table-tops, wobblers, t-shirts and more. It also includes instructions and how-tos, as well as employee cheat sheets.

Mobile Wallet Toolkit Embed

In addition to this, the company has created a QR code system to aid uptake and virtual game reloading. The resources available in the toolkit cover a wide range of FEC operations, from bowling to VR. It also includes messaging for different consumer touchpoints, such as social media, mall areas, storefronts and game rooms.

Sara Paz, CMO, Embed says: “After our CEO, Renee, announced she is taking Embed’s latest innovation, the award-winning Mobile Wallet and Mobile Portal, and giving it to operators for free (which is comparable to Apple giving away the latest iPhone simply because people need it), I challenged the marketing team ‘what else can we do to support operators during this time?’

“And, this was the next logical and organic step: let’s give them the marketing tools to help them tell their community how they are providing a safe, clean and fun FEC experiences for families with the virtual game card in the Mobile Wallet, reassuring families of a contact-free/low-touch gaming payments experience (stopping the spread of viruses).

“The worst of times has the power to bring out the best in people, we’re inspired by it and wanted to be a part of it, so working on this was 100% feel good and giving it to our customers for free means more to us than I can properly express here.”

Reopening toolkit

Reopening toolkit EmbedFor operators, opening quickly and smoothly after the crisis is key, and Embed has produced a Reopening Toolkit to help them to achieve this. This comprehensive, creative toolkit covers all marketing touchpoints from social media and digital marketing to in-store posters and social distancing markers.

The company is providing strong messaging in a range of designs and colours, to help operators keep their guests safe. These are ready to print and businesses can edit to add their own logos.

“As we’ve seen time and again around the globe when consumers surge from their homes, they are not going to businesses they perceive as unsafe or to businesses that haven’t pervasively communicated the safety measures they are taking to mitigate risk. So, we took the insights and designed creative to support the Operators, who don’t have in-house designers and copywriters. This toolkit takes the burden off the operators so they can focus on their operation.” says Renee Welsh, CEO, Embed.

These toolkits will be available within Embed’s COVID-19 Resource Center, alongside other useful materials such as the downloadable Insights Paper FEC 2.0: Getting to the Other Side. There are also video interviews with industry experts via the EmbedLIVE web series, alongside blog content written by the Embed team.

Earlier this year, Embed exhibited at Amusement Expo International 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana, where it won two awards.

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