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Nate Silver Uses Elton’s Camel Derby to Predict UK Election Results.


With so many UK political parties in the frame, the BBC’s Panorama programme invited US super-statistician, Nate Silver, to answer the burning question: “Who Will Win the Election?”.

Silver, who famously predicted the outcome of the 2012 US presidential election in all 50 states, toured the country with reporter Richard Bacon gathering data and talking to voters.

In marginal constituency, Skegness, Silver abandoned his computer for a classic “Election Special” Camel Derby by Elton Amusements. The Elton Derby is the company’s original and most famous game and has won awards and licenses worldwide. In the 25 years it has been in production politicians have come and gone, but the game remains as popular as ever. It proved equally compelling for Silver and Bacon as the camels, representing all the main UK parties, challenged for a win.

Elton Amusements’ Tony Whittaker watched from the sidelines: “Our world famous Derby games are predictable for reliability year on year and it was great to see the Camel Derby being played by such an incredible statistician.”

And, the outcome of the Derby? As Silver concluded when he analysed his data: it was too close to call.

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