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Paragon Creative behind AV experiences at Mr Mulligan’s indoor golf

paragon indoor golf

Leading creative design and build company Paragon Creative is behind the new Mr Mulligan’s indoor golf course at Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

The course features 12-holes and there is also a restaurant and late-night bar. Visitors will dive into an underwater kingdom, then on through the Enchanted Forest.

Paragon Creative are behind the scenic and AV creations at the indoor adventure golf venue. The main course is called The Enchanted Forest. It features giant mushrooms, pitcher plants, snails, caterpillars and frogs. The elements of scenery were designed, modelled, UV-painted and installed by Paragon’s talented in-house scenic arts team.

Many of the scenic creations also contain interactive elements, such as water effects, lighting and belching water vapour. The company developed new techniques and effects to improve the experience and make it more immersive.

The experience has received a great reception, both from the client team and from their visitors.

“Stunningly detailed”

David Bloodworth, Creative Director at Paragon Creative, said, “Paragon’s scenic arts and creative tech teams worked together in perfect harmony to innovate a new type of light-enhanced scenery. We tried hard to create props and scenery with seamless and imbedded lighting, creating a night-time forest populated with iridescent, shimmering plants and creatures. I am immensely proud of the enthusiasm and tenacity of the team, they yet again delivered on time a stunningly detailed inspiring project.”

The collaboration between Paragon Creative and Adventure Leisure Limited on Mr Mulligan’s Milton Keynes will set a standard for the adventure golf experiences in the UK.

Craig Murray, Marketing Manager at Adventure Leisure Limited, said, “The venue in Milton Keynes has taken adventure golf theming to a new level, immersing the customers into a whole new world. New additions such as water features and censored lighting has created an environment to expand the smile of all ages. The golf course remains tricky but enables any player to beat another whilst dodging the fantastic features created by Paragon. We look forward to working with the team on our new developments including Bournemouth and Birmingham opening in the next couple of months”.

Image courtesy of Adventure Leisure Limited

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