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Triotech’s Flyer to take your venue to new heights

The Flyer Grand Opening at Pier 39

Following the opening in January of The Flyer – San Francisco, attraction developer Triotech is keen to bring its take on the flying theatre concept to other cities around the world.

Offering an immersive experience for all ages, the media-based experience at Pier 39 takes audiences on a soaring ‘flight’ over the Bay Area’s biggest attractions and iconic landmarks. Drones and helicopters were used to capture state-of-the-art high-definition film footage.

From its own studio in Montreal, Triotech is poised to develop custom content for further flying theatre installations. This could include other city sightseeing experiences, an immersive ride above the ocean, or perhaps a film featuring a well-known intellectual property.

“For The Flyer – San Francisco, we used a romantic storyline to enhance the guest experience,” says Triotech founder and CEO, Ernest Yale. “And as we use motion seats, as opposed to platforms that are used by other technologies, each guest experiences a thrilling, realistic and immersive ride.”

In San Francisco, where The Flyer is operated by W.A. Alter Inc, a total of 28 seats are featured, paired with a 1,100 sq ft (102 sq m) curved screen, However, the platform is fully customisable to any venue’s needs, space constraints and anticipated customer traffic.

“The fact that The Flyer is scalable allows operators to bring a true flying theatre experience to venues that would otherwise not be able to accommodate such an attraction,” says Triotech’s vice-president of marketing, Christian Martin. “This allows guests to experience the thrills of flying without having to travel to a destination park.”

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