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Triotech Amusement Inc.

Triotech designs, develops and manufactures attractions and rides for the leisure and entertainment industry. With more than 415 installations in 65 countries across all continents, over 135 million guests have lived a Triotech experience since the company was established in 1999.

Triotech is the world’s leading provider of next generation immersive, interactive cinemas and theaters. The company’s award-winning products are installed in over 65 countries.

Triotech has gained international recognition for its complete turnkey 6D/7D motion based theaters. At the forefront of today’s technology, Triotech takes pride in working with the leading innovative minds to develop the future of interactive multi-sensory attractions.

Our FEC products

Triotech’s highly engaging, interactive multi-media attractions offer the best guest experience for operators of Family Entertainment Centers around the world. Triotech’s products require a small footprint, are scalable and reliable. A diverse film library allows operators to vary the content which encourages replayability and generates recurring revenue. Visitors will be so immersed in the non-stop action that they will want to do the rides over and over again along with their friends and family. More info.

Our Dark rides

Action packed rides that bring the thrill of a large-scale coaster down to a practical size. These ridAction packed rides that bring the thrill of a large-scale coaster down to a practical size. These interactive attractions combine motion seats with real-time 3D graphics on multi-screens to ensure the best guest experience. Group play with an individual scoring system encourages friendly competitive dynamics while a diverse content library with highly engaging media content is sure to encourage repeat business an attract new customers alike. More info.

Our Theaters

Turn any location into a thrilling attraction. The combination of 3D stereoscopic graphics with striking visual effects guarantees an immersive ride that transcends time, space, and imagination! With one of the best simulators technologies in the industry, the attractions deliver an exhilarating guest experience. Theatres are scalable depending on operator needs and a large content library generates a strong ROI and drives recurring traffic. More info.

Our Journey experience products

Redefining the attraction experience like never before. These rich, multi-sensory interactive attractions take guests on a thrilling journey as they walk or ride through several immersive environments, interact with their surroundings and partake in an engaging story. All the Journey Experience attractions combines cutting edge technology with elaborate theming, special effects and exciting media content in order to transport guests to another time, another place, another world. More info.

6995 Jeanne-Mance, Montreal, QC H3N 1W5, Canada
+1 (514) 354 8999



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6995 Rue Jeanne-Mance, Montréal, QC H3N 1W5, Canada

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