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Zip line set for Shimba Hills Reserve, Kenya

elephants at shimba reserve

A zip line will be added to the Shimba Hills National Reserve, Kenya, the first ever in Coast region. Guests will be able to see African Elephants and many more species of animals from above.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) are laying strategies to bring on board private investors, as a government initiative aims to boost tourism by having more adventure – according to Standard Media.

KWS Assistant Director, Dr Arthur Tuda, said that the location for the zip line has been identified over the scenic Sheldrick Falls.

He said: ”There are cemented steps that we have erected and plans are afoot to have motorable pathways for wheelchairs so that even disabled visitors can access the Sheldrick Falls. We plan to have the area around the falls more visitor friendly by putting up a restaurant so that people can take more time at the Falls while relaxing.”

The zip line canopy tour will offer a bird’s eye view of the reserve from a height of over 250 feet and reaching 75 feet high with several zip lines.

Tuda said: ”It will be a must visit and a record breaking experience that takes one closer to the flying birds that have made Shimba Hills National Game Reserve. You can’t just beat the views you will see while flying through the air around the reserve and over Sheldrick Falls valley.”

Shimba Hills Game Reserve hosts a high density of African elephants, as well as the rare Sable Antelope, elephant shrew,  bushy tailored mongoose and other small mammals like fruit bats. There are 111 bird species,

In 2017, Nairobi startup – Internet of Elephants – announced an app-based game to help boost public awareness of wildlife conservation. The Kenyan social enterprise aims to educate people about endangered species in an engaging way, turning animal migrations into a game.

Image courtesy Adam PG via Wikicommons

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